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As the Azura Deluxe Resort&Spa Hotel family, our number one priority is the health and safety of our guests, employees and partners. We are closely monitoring the Turkish Ministry of Health and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following their guidelines closely.

Our Commitment to Hygiene and Cleanliness:

As Azura Deluxe Resort&Spa Hotel since our inception, we have always taken the cleanliness and hygiene standards of our facilities of the utmost importance. Since the appearance of the COVID-19 virus, we have taken additional measures recommended by local and international authorities and experts. On a daily basis, our hotel is working to ensure that they meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning. As we prepare to welcome you back to our properties as soon as possible, specific steps as such are implemented but are not limited to:

Our Staff’s own safety and knowledge: Our staff – and their own health, safety and knowledge – are crucial for a successful cleaning program. Here are some of our focus points:

• Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent handwashing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. Our teams are frequently reminded that this basic prevention method is vital for their health and that of our guests.

Constant Training: On top of our regular training schedules on hygiene and its implementation in housekeeping and in other areas, we have organized focused trainings on COVID-19 awareness.

• Constant Information Flow: Our teams are focused on sharing information across our properties and departments to keep the all teams on the same page.

Cleaning Products and Protocols:

• Guest Rooms: Our rooms have always been cleaned and disinfected according to the proper protocols after a guest departs. With the current situation additional protocols have been added an implemented to ensure the safety of our guests.

• Public Spaces: Our properties have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, with a focus on high-touch points such as counter at the front desk, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms and even room keys.

• Back of House: In the spaces where our staff works back of the house, our properties are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like associate entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms and staff offices.

For the most updated information, please refer to the World Health Organization or to the local health authority.

As the Azura Deluxe Resort&Spa Hotel Family we wish you and your loved one’s health and safety and are eagerly waiting for your return.